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Artist submissions | munchies art club|become a Member Artist of  Munchies ART club

As an artist, you have the chance to be part of a new constantly growing platform located in Vienna with the support of our team. We offer you a personal service, working together on you achieving visibility and reach. Our artist selection is curated, so if you want to partake, you first need to apply, and should we find you fit in we will contact you with the further details pertaining to membership and its costs.  During the pandemic times, you can choose to take part short-time minimum of three months or choose to stay with us longtime, its up to you.


Becoming a member with us does not bind you to us exclusively,  this means that you can also work and collaberate with others parallelly.


What you need to know

Munchies Art Club is a Shared and Curated online sales platform collaborating with galleries and artist.  This means we are not a gallery, what we do is provide a space for you and share its content in our newsletter and our social media channels. United we can reach artlovers and  art collectors and cultural audience giving them meaningful and valuable content.

Our members fee basic packages range between 14,50 and 25 euros a month.



The munchies art club stands out from most online art platforms by highlighting the artists behind the artwork. We not only want to show your art, we want to give the viewers an insight to what makes you tick, your interests, where you create. We tag you in all of our postings on facebook and instagram, pinterest and our newsletter. We create value content , high resolution images of your artpractice, your art and you and your life. You can sell your artwork directly over our online store. We are there to help and guide you to fulfill our high standards, so as to achieve the best possible presentation of you and your work online.


What do you have to do?

Before you get started here are the hard facts if you want to apply for the munchies art club membership. 

We dont want a portfolio from you, for starters please send us

  • your instagram account name, 
  • CV
  • your website if you have one,
  • 4-5 works that best represent you and
  • some basic information to our office.munchiesartclub@gmail.

Give us insight not only about your art but also about you as a person, introduce yourself.

Note: please do not send us portfolios via the postal service.


We accept dropbox files, with a shareable link (Please use share a link rather than inviting us to join a folder) that allows us direct access to a high resolution images.




Agreement and contact data

Please take note that to be able to work together you must first read and agree to the terms of our privacy policies and terms of usw.


We will try to get back to you soon as possible.

Thank you for your time and interest

till then stay  safe and stay healthy

Dominique Foertig | Head of Munchies Art Club




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