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Munchies Art Club has its eye on the digitalization and transitions affecting the art world, in particular the affect its had on the gallery businesses and their artists. The new use of their websites, with online viewing rooms, digital shows and shops have boomed lately. More and more artists and galleries are using social media  to share with us a front row view on their developments and happenings.

We do believe that the unique experience of an actual art shows and the act of standing in front of an artwork can not be replaced, but then again if you think about how familiar most of us are with the Mona Lisa, and how many actually have stood in front of her in person, and yet she is loved. Did you know that Mona Lisa has her own mailbox at the Louvre where she receives love letters?

Over the years we have learned to see quite clearly, what we can not reach, over a screen, we are savvy to what the web has to offer, and the new generations have never known it any other way. They are used to looking at art, watching movies, reading, learning, working, finding, buying from home.

Our Platform is a digital hub, a forum and a shared space. We are learning new stuff all the time and thats what makes it so incredibly exciting for us, and quite scary or overburdening for others. So thats what we are here for, to form a bridge between digital and analog, and use the best of two worlds to achieve the perfect mix.