• Alexandra Feusi

    Quirky, honest, shrill
    Alexandra Feusi

    The artist Alexandra Feusi, in her studio in the Academy of Fine Arts.


  • Artist in Quarantine | Domi Gratz

    How the artist kept herself busy during times of Lockdown and isolation
    Artist in Quarantine | Domi Gratz







  • "on the hunt in venice"
    "on the hunt in venice"

    Who IS paula hummer.

    Paula Hummer is a student of the arts. Her love and passion are concentrated on photography. Having grown up in a family and so many of her close friends moving in different spheres of the arts world, her life was filled with a surplus of inspiration and a very supportive surrounding. She always knew that the arts would be the main force in her life, and it did not take her very long, to find her true passion in photography.


    #portraitphotography #analogphotography #35mm

  • Emanuel Ehgartner

    material, structure, form
    Emanuel Ehgartner

    About the artist

    Emanuel Ehgartner was raised in a tiny Austrian Village, he says his first contact with the arts was when he was part of a punk band in his youth. When he was 18 his grandfather gave him a camara as a gift which sparked his interest and he went on to study photography and then became fascinated by sculpting.  He tries to rebuild every day structures (preferred material is steel) reducing them to their very essence.

  • Domi Gratz

    Emotional, spontaneous and naïve
    Domi Gratz

    Domi is a wonderful artist I discovered at the Akademie Rundgang (tour of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna) in January. I fell in love with her work straight away and knew I wanted Domi to be part of the munchies art club. When I contacted her and told her what I was doing she immediatly said yes and was incredibly cooperative, so it is with great pride that I present you our new incredibly talented young artist Domi Gratz.

  • Pia Mayer

    fine, diverse, perpetuating
    Pia Mayer

    Pia Mayer

    Mother first, then artist. Pia is a very talented young woman. I don't know her very long, actually I think all in all we met only a couple of times, quick hello, you know small talk. Then I spent half an intense day with her and the time flew. She has so many interesting stories and opinions, that reflect my own in so many ways. We connected. That's something special when the chemistry works and there's that instant moment of trust and feeling of well being. There's an artwork from her in my home, its been there for over 10 years, and still today I look at it and smile. So, I guess the connection with her had happened through her art work, so many years ago.


    #collector #creatorofmeaningfulobjects #deceleration #experimental #continuity #mis-en-scène  #metro-sexuell #(re)searching #unique

  • Ernst Koslitsch

    The Dude.
    ernst koslitsch portrait of the artist on the island of hydra in greece
    Ernst on Hydra island

    Who is ernst koslitsch

    Ernst Koslitsch was born and raised in Styria, Austria. He left home when he turned 16 to start a career as a cook. He soon discovered when he moved away from his tiny village that there was a world of art out there beyond anything he could have ever imagined and was instantly drawn in by it. Not until he travelled the world and then settled in Vienna did he believe that someone like him could acctually be an artist. The possibility of a school drop out being accepted at the University of contemporary Arts in Vienna wasnt even an option to consider. So he turned to photography and tried to learn as much he could on the matter of art on his own. He inhaled book after book, spent high sums on art magazines, went to exhibitions and worked hard to define himself.




    #woodensculpture, #tokka, #painting, #drawing, #color, #aliens, #spaceships, #ufos, #startrek, #yellowuniverse, #constructingmythology, #dirty, #unfinished

  • Anna Stemmer-Dworak

    Valley girl
    anna dworak-stemmer shows image of anna reading a book in her studio

    who is anna stemmer-dworak

    I met Anna Stemmer-Dworak about 14 years ago. The first thing I noticed about her was her cute accent. She had such a positive attitude and was so self secure. I dont think I would have pegged her as an artist, had I not met her during her studies at the Angewandte. She lived in the neighbourhood and we would see each other at the Coffee shop I used to have. Even today, she has a personality I like. She is so different to me and I guess that attracts me.

  • Jürgen Böheimer

    Hot, complex, sexy!
    jürgen böheimer portrait image of artist straightening an artwork on the wall

    who is jürgen böheimer

    My first contact with Jürgen Böheimer was about 12 years ago, Ernst, my husband came home with a large photograph, that I instantly fell in love with. The image portrays 2 deers in soothing dark blue hues. When friends come over they always tell me how much they love it too. Its become part of my home and I still after all these years feel happy when I look at it.


    What you dont know looking at the picture, is that the deers were photographed in a swinger club, the  blue color and the centered white deers distract from actual scenery, there is a kitchen roll, a dancing pool, small hints of this being a venue out of the ordinary. The deers themselves not intakt, missing hind legs, broken. All this goes unnoticed at first. Theres is always that moment of surprise when I tell them where the picture was shot. When I got to know Jürgen better, I was no longer just impressed by his talent, but also by his warmth, his openness, truly he's an exceptionally nice guy.


    #mixedmedia #photography #painting #drawing

  • Munchies Art Club

    crazy times but still the show must go on.
    by Dominique Foertig
    dominique foertig picture show munchies art club owner from the side looking at artwork

    The reason I decided to start the munchies art club, was to support my artist friends by achieving more visibility for them, aknowledgement and sales. My know how and their talent combined to make the munchies art club a place of support, interest and sharing.

    Just as the artist were coming together and the platform was being prepared to go online, the world was shaken by the COVID-19.


    There was so much going on all of a sudden. and it had so little to do with anything we could have ever expected or knew. My first thought was only how I could protect my family and guide us through these events as sanely as possible.

    But the need to re-invest my energy into this project is cristalizing before me right now. My artists too have to come to terms with the actual events. Together we decided the show must go on.

    So we are starting slowly, adding artists as we go.

    Here are my first 4, I am proud of every single one of them and working together with them has been really amazing.