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A collaboration - become a Member Gallery of the Munchies ART club

Munchies Art Club invites galleries to work together on our platform during these hard times to generate traffic, reach, and visibility together. Online exhibitions and viewing rooms are the only way to show artists and their works since the Covid-19 outbreak lockdowns.

Nothing can replace the real-life experience of a gallery filled with artwork, or the opening of an exhibition.

But art is about the imagination, the ability to imagine things influences our entire essence. It influences everything we create, think, and do. So we try to present each gallery individually and as clearly as possible so that the viewer need only add a speck of imagination to enjoy the show.

Going online is more complicated than one would expect and most galleries dont have the money or the staff to handle an online gallery and shop even with their physical spaces closed during the outbreak.


The munchies art club is reaching out to galleries to work together to build a contemporary art platform that can grow and change and we can all learn from each other.


What you need to know

We are agents and not gallerists. We are here to offer a selected group of galleries and artists a space where they can achieve international visibility, and sales as a team. Dont hesitate to contact us, about pricing, we offer membership packages, long and short term.


We find individual solutions for your gallery and artists, with customized viewing rooms and you can sell artworks over our built in store.


What do you have to do?

Please send us a link to your website. The artists you would like to share on our website and some basic information about you, your social media pages, and any links that can give us a better picture of you and the gallery



Munchies art club is a new small vienna based online art platform with big aspirations. Our missionis to build the munchies art club into a globally visible space for contemporary art and you can be part of that.


We will regularly share your gallery content on our social media channels and our newsletter. Our platform allows you to show artworks in high resolution, and sell directly over our safe and secure store. And that with transparancy, trust and a personal touch.


Agreement and contact data

Please take note that to be able to work together in any form you must first read and agree to the terms of our privacy policies and terms of use.

You can send any inquieries or questions you may have to us. Should you send us an application please be so kind as to follow the application form as exactly as possible.


We accept dropbox files, with a shareable link that allows us direct access to a high resolution images. Please use share a link rather than inviting us to join a folder. To: [email protected].

Till then thank you for your trust stay safe and stay healthy

 Dominique Foertig | Head of Munchies Art Club