Peter de Meyer | Belgium

Gallery Geukens & De Vil Belgium and Raum mit Licht Vienna Cooperation

We are happy to announce the team up with artist Peter de Meyers, and the Collaboration with Gallery Geukens and de Vil ( Belgium) and Raum mit Licht. A perfect example of  what international cooperation looks like! We will implement the works and exhibitions views on our page soon.


About Peter De Meyers Work

Peter De Meyer (Antwerp/Belgium, 1981) is a close observer of his environment, translating his views in conceptual images. Collective memory and the art world are his playground. A large part of his works starts from the idea that objects, ideas and situations carry a long history and evoke a range of associations, both in individual and collective memory.


R-M-L Gallery | Vienna

Gallery Geukens & De Vil | Belgium


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June 17, 2020
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