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Art auction record, poor rich artist and I love n.y. logo inventor dies with 91

Sotheby reaches 84.6 million dollars selling a Francis Bacon.

Unbelievable, did you hear? Sotheby's achieved sales for over 363.2 million dollars IN ONE DAY! The Francis Bacon Triptych inspired by the Orestie d’Eschyle was sold for 84.6 million within 10 minutes. The expected bidding price was estimated at around 60-80 million dollars and Sotheby’s had guaranteed a selling price of 60 million.

In 2019 Bacons triptych “Three Studies of Lucien Freud” sold for a record 142.4 million dollars. The previous owner a private museum called Astrup Fearnley Museet, had tried to sell the artwork privately for over 100 million dollars, before turning to Sotheby's for help. 

The Triptych inspired by the Orestie d’Eschyle was painted between 1962 till 1991, for those of you who aren't good in math that’s 29 years! 



Milton Glaser dies at 91.

Oh, you think you don't know him, but I bet you that you know his work.  He was the founder of New York magazine, created a memorable Bob Dylan Poster, and produced designs for all different markets, even for the TV series “Mad Men”. Creator of the famous I ❤️ NY logo .

“There are three responses to a piece of design: yes, no, and wow. Wow is the one to aim for”.

-Milton Gaser

 The use of the heart to represent the word love has since been copied ever since. Milton Glaser created playful, lively, humourous, work. He was a visionary and inspiration, shaping visual arts in publishing, branding, and interior design.


Poor little rich man | Artist Takashi Murakami

Artist Takashi Murakami announces on Instagram that his Business is on the brink of bankruptcy. This from one of the best selling artists alive. His many extremely costly projects eating away at his fortune include a film sequel, in which he has invested an enormous amount of money.

In an emotional video of over 14 minutes on Instagram, he laments having to turn the sci-fi film Jellyfish Eyes part 2 that he has been working fon the past 9 years, into short videos, or series. Even though the first film was not a success Murakami has never the less invested incredible sums into filming and production. He is best known for his flat style colorful paintings, showing smiling flowers and winking eyes and huge smiling mouths.

In the past, he joined forces with Louis Vuitton, Billie Eilish, Kanye West, and Pharell Williams. Gradually sales started to slow down, insiders presume this having to do with his leaving his gallery of 29 years and the overload of his art being marketed for fashion that left a negative mark on the market of fine arts.


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